Our Partners

Over the years we have established strategic partnerships with several key players in the industry in order to bring our clients value adding and effective results at competitive prices. With the dynamic nature of the technology, staying ahead of the rest requires swift and efficient access to both skills and expertise, factors absolutely vital for achieving business success.

iForte - Sharing our Success Together

At iFORTE we believe that a successful company is one that has done the impossible to provide the best products & services at the best rate, along with the best client service; while at the same time trying to reach economic stability for itself and others.

Institut Teknologi DEL

Institut Teknologi Del was created for the purpose of educating and producing IT experts that will compete in national and international level. PI Del was established in 2001 as an educational institution under the Del. Mari Foundation.

PH Legal, Business and Commercial Lawyers

PH Legal is an incorporated legal practice located in the heart of Sydney. As Commercial Litigation specialists we are conveniently located within walking distance to all of the Courts in which we regularly appear. Founded in 2005, PH Legal has quickly become a leader in the provision of specialist Commercial and General Litigation legal services.